• Ryan Sparks

Game changes for 5.6.17

Here is a list of the changes for tomorrow's schedule after David was able to walk the fields in Lawrenceburg, Aurora & Dillsboro. Aurora & Dillsboro are both under water and unplayable. 

The updated schedule is as follows with ALL matches scheduled to be played in Aurora and Dillsboro will to be played in Lawrenceburg. 9:00 Upper Pink vs. Upper Navy 10:30 Lower Orange vs. Lower Gold 12:00 Middle Navy vs. Middle Safety Green 1:30 Middle Sangria vs. Middle Sapphire 3:00 Middle Jet Black vs. Middle Red Thanks to everyone for their understanding and cooperation which will allow us to get these matches in.   

*thanks to David Kelly for taking the time to go to fields and check them in the best interest of player safety!