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ATTENTION Waitlist Parents

As of this time, if you have not been contacted by your District President, a District Board Member, or a coach telling you your child is on their roster, your child is still on the waitlist and has not been placed on a roster for the spring session. . Please be aware that we added the waitlist to get as many players an opportunity to play as possible. The first 12 players on the waitlist were added to teams before the team draw took place. (They were all registered prior to the draw) 

This status could change if a player were to drop for one reason or another

Please note: SISAY does not handle in house lollipop programs and if your child falls into the lollipop age brackets, listed below, contact your district to find out your child's status. If your child was in these brackets in the FALL of 2016, they would stay with that age group for the SPRING of 2017. (Unless a move up was requested by your District President/Representative prior to the team roster blind draw)

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