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A rainbow promising more games...

If anything good happened out our fields Wednesday night it was that there was a beautiful rainbow above South Eastern Indiana after the storm. 

All games on Wednesday night in tournament play were stormed out thanks to some wicked lightning that came through the area.  Boys Passers games that were originally scheduled at Aurora have been moved to Hidden Valley and Lawrenceburg respectively. 

HVL will take on LBP2 at Hidden Valley at 6:15pm


Rising Sun 2 will be hosted by LBP1 at Lawrenceburg-Greendale fields also at 6:15pm

It appears that the Girls Passers game Originally scheduled for Wednesday in Hidden Valley will be taking place at 8am on Saturday in Hidden Valley between Rising Sun and Dillsboro.  This one should be a fun match to watch between two of our youngest teams. 

The Boys Kickers 3rd Place game between Franklin County and Dillsboro is still TBD. 

As play continues through the week realize that if you have a lightning delay, the delay is 30 minutes. Please do not just get in your car and leave. Do not leave the fields until the Referee in Charge has ruled that the games will not be played. It is possible that the boys passers matches at Aurora may have been able to be played and avoided a lot of headaches in trying to reschedule games had we waited out the delay tonight. Granted; we would have been cutting it close on daylight. 

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