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Tournament Brackets are live

We did our best to make this year's tournament work. With a limited number of officials, and having to make a couple changes in the schedule, the tournament brackets are now live.

Thank you all for your understanding when it comes to moving games around. Our goal was to get as many kids playing as many games as possible rather than cancel the event all together because of the shortage in officials.

When you have an all volunteer organization, it takes a lot of work for everyone involved in order to try and get games off the ground. I just wanted to thank all of the district board members and volunteers for their work. We will always have our bumps in the road but without dedicated volunteers, events like this just would not be possible.

Indiana soccer is growing. I'm excited to be a part of it and SISAY will continue to move forward with Spring Soccer again this year and more events coming. Have fun this week and enjoy the tournaments!!!


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