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Welcome to FRANKLIN CO. U-14 Kickers



Welcome to what I hope is a the beginning of a long term relationship between Franklin County SAY, and SISAY. This opportunity is a result of months of work behind the scenes by dedicated volunteers that give their free time to offer our kids the best possible program for an affordable price. What’s SISAY?

South­Eastern Indiana Soccer Association for Youth consists of 7 districts, Aurora, Dillsboro, Hidden Valley, Lawrenceburg­Greendale, Milan, Rising Sun, and Switzerland County. We are excited to have Franklin County join us at the U14 age group in both Boys and Girls sides for the Fall 2016 season. All games are either played on Saturdays or Wednesday Nights.

The 2016 Fall Kickers (U14) Session will have Girls teams from: Aurora, Dillsboro,Franklin Co., Hidden Valley, Lawrenceburg­Greendale, and Milan. The Boy’s sides will be Aurora, Dillsboro, Franklin Co., Lawrenceburg­Greendale, and Milan. Lawrenceburg­Greendale Soccer Club has graciously agreed to host home games for Franklin County this fall.

SISAY is a recreational/developmental league that plays an 8 game session with by laws governed by SAY Soccer including the 50% play rule. Players in SISAY are required to play at least half of the game. SISAY also has a fair play law called Rule 44. SISAY meetings are every second Thursday of the month at 7pm at the Lawrenceburg Community Center. We encourage Franklin County to be represented at our meetings while participating in our league.

Now to the stuff you really want to know: How much is this going to cost me as parent?

Franklin Co. will be able to set their own fee for the session but will be responsible for the following to SAY National and SISAY: SAY NATIONAL DUES­ $10 per player SISAY FEE­ $3 per player (this covers coaches background checks for coaches and Champions/Finalist Medals for the post season tournaments) TEAM REFEREE FEES: $35 per game ($15 For Center Ref, $10 for each AR) 8 games in season and tournament play.

Coaches: you and your assistant coach must be background checked and complete the concussion training in order to have your teams participate in SISAY. These are both available at on the coaches corner page. Please e­mail your contact information and concussion certificate to me Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to offer the youth of Franklin County an outlet to play the beautiful game. The season starts Saturday August 6th! Schedules will go out FRIDAY 7/15/16!!!!

It is our hope to continue to evolve and are reaching out to other communities to add them into the SISAY family this coming year. I hope that in the future Franklin Co. will bring more teams to play with us. It is our hope that we can continue to expand SISAY and make a bigger impact to more kids in South-­Eastern Indiana.

Yours in Soccer!

Ryan Sparks

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