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Parents of SISAY

PARENTS OF SISAY, *please feel free to share this post*

THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF LOCAL SOCCER!!!! We continue to try to improve the recreational program and offer additional support for our players by offering additional programs that improve player development in our area. We will continue to push forward to make changes to adjust to the soccer world and improve our program along with the United States Soccer Federation.

For some reason in our communities the words "recreational soccer" are dirty words. There's a belief that you can't possibly develop players in a recreational game. I hear you... I get it... but... I'm here to tell you, that's wrong.

Players get better against better competition, that is true: but SAY soccer has additional options that most of you don't even realize exist in order to continue to develop players at a higher level. Premier play, and Academy play, allow players to stay home in their SAY districts but play the game that they all love, with their friends, at another level.

This FALL, SISAY would like to offer a Premier League this fall, starting 4 weeks after the regular recreational season to those players that want to have more competitive games and play at a little higher level. These games will be small sided games and offer the kids more touches on the ball. We will advertise this option which will cost $75 but will allow parents/coaches to register their teams/players up front online without paying first in order to gage the interest in the program. The $75 fee will need to be paid, prior to the ordering of uniforms. These games will not conflict with Recreational league games which will allow kids to participate in both.

Lawrenceburg-Greendale Soccer Club will be offering Academy Play this year in the FALL, and SPRING. Academy play is essentially this: Teams can form their own rosters, and travel to play in different tournaments that are open tournaments. Most event rosters will be by birth year at this point, NOT Aug-July. As our fall recreational league is set to run this season. How much will this cost? It’s simple: cost of uniforms for Academy Play (est $50- for home and away) + Cost of the tournament (approx $500 per event) divided by the number of rostered players.

The goal here, is to find as many tournaments as we can play in locally to cut down the cost here. Participating in League Play, Premier Play, and Academy Play will give your child/children an experience similar to club play. LGSC Ambush Academy information will be available shortly and the website can be found at The website is still under development but, we are active in making this work for your kids. Please keep an eye out for more information on AMBUSH coming soon.

For years, teams from SISAY have been participating in indoor soccer at different levels. WE LOVE THIS! And would like to see more kids participate from SISAY and continue to develop their skills. If you are a coach, and need help finding more options for indoor play, please feel free to contact me.

This Spring, we offered a SISAY league for the first time, and despite the snow, and rain, (yes, snow) it was a great success when it came to player development. The plan is to continue to move that program forward next spring with a similar format.

As you see, there are a ton of options in our area for soccer. We know that you want what is best for your children and that is why all of our volunteers strive to offer these options at a more reasonable price. We need your help though, we are still looking for sponsors in order to help cut down on costs for all of our options for play and to get new goals at all of our districts to comply with the United States Soccer Federation changes next season. We also need coaches, team moms or dads, and other volunteers to make our

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact me via e-mail, but also please remember that I am a volunteer and do all of this work when I am not at my full time job. I do my best to give a 24 hour return on e-mails but it’s not always an option to get to everyone that quickly.

Thank you for your support of local soccer and the beautiful game!

Ryan Sparks


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