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GAME ON: It's April Right?

It's 11pm: We have about 10 hours before first games tomorrow. I will be hitting a couple of fields at about 8am to look at field conditions but I anticipate playing tomorrow. If it's icy, and dangerous, I'm not going to put any of the kids at risk, but field conditions will be the ultimate decision tomorrow.

I understand that it's cold: We played a week in the fall that the fall where the weather was similar, there was frost on the grass when we arrived for 9am games that morning.

DRESS in LAYERS... under jerseys as we still need those beautiful spring colored jerseys visible to play.

Coaches: it's going to be cold: PLAN ACCORDINGLY. I know I will be bringing an handful of blankets down to the fields with me in order to make sure our bench stays as warm as possible.

Concession stand volunteers: if your district can afford it, it might be a good time to offer a discount on that Hot Chocolate and Coffee tomorrow in order to help keep people warm ;)

Parents: bring blankets for in the car for after your child(ren)'s games. It is okay for the kids to wear gloves, and stocking caps, I encourage it actually. Despite popular belief your child will still sweat during the game, so getting them into warm dry clothes when they get home will be a must. MAKE SURE YOU LAYER UP TOO: often times as spectators, we forget that we need to be dressed warm as we won't be running around and keeping warm.

Referees: Same for you. LAYER UP! Ultimately, the referee co-ordinator at each site will be able to make a game time decision if we have any "acts of god" and have any more inclement weather if it comes after the 8am field checks.

Tomorrow morning forecast:

Here's a couple of great resources to dress warm for soccer in cold weather:



and finally chat from forums at : MOTHERING.COM

Hope to see you all nice and bundled up in the morning ;)


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