HELP!!! I’m a NEW soccer MOM or DAD
Breathe… Everything is going to be fine.  SISAY and its member districts are here to help your kids have fun and learn to love the game of soccer.  It’s okay if you don’t get it: we’ll help teach you too!

Are you one of those parents that has to plan out everything?  Are you concerned that you aren’t going to know enough about what is about to happen in the world of Soccer?  We’ve got you covered.

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Trust in the Process!

This is not the World Cup.  No, really it’s not, but we are going to have lots of fun along the way.  

I need what? How much $ is this going to cost me?

What do you need to know on day one? SISAY’s goal is to offer the best possible programs at an affordable price.  We keep our expenses down, so we can keep the cost of registration as low as possible for you and your family.

Even with offering everything we can at each participating district, there will be a few things that will be a must have for your player(s).  

The Appropriate Sized Ball

Wait?  What does that mean?

Different ages use a different size soccer ball because little ones, have smaller feet (in most cases)

Size 3 - U8 and below (Passers, & Lollipops)

Size 4 - U10 to U12 (Wings & Strikers)

Size 5 - Above U12 (Kickers)

Estimated Cost: $15-$20+ 

As your player gets older, and the more they play, they will want a nicer, more expensive ball.  In most cases, you get what you pay for when it comes to soccer ball quality.

A Decent Sized Water Bottle

1 20oz Bottle of water isn’t going to cut it- players need to be well hydrated to play the game.

Estimated Cost: $15-$20

Soccer Cleats

Don’t spend a fortune on these early on

Estimated Cost: $15-$40 for little kids, $40-$100 as the player becomes more advanced.

Shin Guards

They come in different sizes: But these are pretty easy to figure out. The bigger your kids legs, the bigger the shin guards.  If they are little, the guards should be too.

Estimated Cost: $10-$20

Our Partners at Dick’s Sporting Goods usually offer a great package with Shin Guards, a Ball, and Cleats for around $40 or so each fall for those just starting out.  

Also, keep an eye out for coupons and promotions before the season starts as well.

I want my kid to play for Coach X or Y.

Good coaches come in all shapes and sizes.  They connect with the kids at a completely different level than those that can not coach.

You won’t always see eye to eye with coach X.  Coach Y may have a different direction than you expected but, there’s not a coach in this program that knows it all.  They will make mistakes, they are human.

They help your young person learn to be a leader on the field. They teach them to step up and play harder to make their teammates better. They are teaching them lessons for on and off the field.


The goal isn’t to win each and every game.  

Please be aware that the goal is to help make your young person a better overall person.  As parents, we often forget that there is a huge difference between developmental/recreational soccer and Champion’s League play.  


Most Youth Soccer players will never become professional players, and while we hope that your child does develop amazing skills and talents, your child is more than likely not going to be playing for the World Cup and these volunteers do their best for all the players involved.

Youth Sport Statistics (Ages 5-18)Data

Number of kids who play organized sports each year- 36,000,000

Percent of parents who are worried about injuries in youth sports- 87 %

Percent of kids who play sports outside of school- 60 %

Percent of boys who play organized sports- 66 %

Percent of girls who play organized sports- 52 %

Percent of coaches who are dads coaching their own kids- 85 %

Percent of corporation executives who played sports- 73 %

Odds of Going ProOdds

Odds of a High School football player making it to the NFL-1 in 6,000

Odds of a High School baseball player making it to MLB-1 in 4,000

Odds of a High School basketball player making it to the NBA-1 in 10,000

Odds of a High School soccer player receiving a full ride to a D1 School-1 in 90

The following is from a study done by Michigan State on Youth Sports. 10,000 kids ages 5-14 nation-wide were surveyed.